My Desire for Mother Part 2

Some Previous Part line; “Till about last two months, it was my routine to read one or two mom-son stories with my condom-covered penis inserted into my bed slit and then mentally enact those stories, with my own mothers. After reading all those stories I too wanted to consummate my love with my mother and I planned. I am presently working in Bangalore and had bought a house in April.” Now, Continue; I requested my mother to come and help me set up my new house. She readily agreed as my father was to go abroad for a few weeks and she did not want to stay alone in Poona. She came and helped me in setting up the house. I was really happy to have my mother around. So, what is Reading in the Erotic Sex Story; My Desire for Mother: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

My routine of reading incest stories late into the night continued and the very fact that the woman I lusted all these years was there just across the room used to make my mind whirl. I masturbated umpteen times each night since my mother arrived. After two days of her arrival when I was getting ready to go to bed, my mother came into my room. I was just about to pick some stories to read. She asked me to give her something to read. I told her that I don’t have anything that she could read. She then enquired as to what I did till late hours every night? I was little taken aback and I told her that of course I did some reading but that was nasty stuff! “So what”, could I too not read some nasty stuff?” “How can you Amma?” I asked. “Common son, I am your mother and I came to this world before you, if you could read something then I think, I too could.” Well, suddenly, I decided to grab the opportunity and try my luck.

I told her “ok Amma, I will give you something to read but on two conditions?” “What?” she asked. “Well, you should read here along with me and…?” “And” what “magazine”? (Son-in Kannada). “Well, when you read, you should allow me to touch you here and there!” “What? What do you mean by here and there?” I blurted out “Amma, please do not mistake me, “condition is the condition” and if only you agree, I will give you what I have; otherwise sorry”. I don’t know what she thought then, but after a few seconds she said, “OK, I agree”. My God! Was I dreaming? I pinched myself to make sure that I was not dreaming and decided now or never. I invited my mother to come in and made my bed and asked her to sit down. I opened the side drawer and asked my mom to pick anything that she wanted to read. She pulled out a small file wherein I had kept some hard copy printouts of the stories that I downloaded from the Internet.

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Well, each story was about mothers and sons and I was a little unsure as to how she might react when once she opened the file. While I held my breath, Amma slowly opened the file and turned to the first page. OH! Boy! Did I hear her gasp? The title of the story was “I and my son” and I saw her fingers trembling slightly. Giving a sideways glance towards me she turned another page where the story started. By then I was bold and sat beside my mother and put my face on her shoulder as if I too started reading. The story was about a son who was attracted to his own mother and was one day peeking through the bathroom door while his mom took bath. There were some graphic details as to how she looked and son gets too horny and takes his dick out and starts jerking off. My mother continued her reading and I could notice her breathing quickening. When she was about to turn to page two, I helped her by stretching my hand over hers and turned the page and then withdrew my hand back and placed my hand on her bare arm.

Slowly, I started rubbing her arm up and down and touched her breast on the side. Mom continued to read-on and I suddenly inserted my right hand underneath her arm and praying to god, cupped her right breast. God, she gasped OH! But by then my other hand encircled her back and came out under her other arm to hold the other “Ammann” (breast-in our dialect). Amma asked “Enidu magazine” (What are you doing? son) “Did I not tell you Amma that I want to touch you? that is what I ‘m doing” and held her both the breasts firmly in my hand. She trembled in my hands and I asked her what paragraph she was reading. She showed me and me too read-on. In the story, the son was busy jacking off looking at his mother and mother saws him! Although taken aback, mother recovers soon and gets curious and slowly turns towards the door and gives her son a good opportunity to look at her. Son feasts on mother’s body for a few minutes. Then unable to control himself he runs to his room to finish off his jerking.

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A mother seeing her son going back, towels herself and comes out. Instead of going straight to her room, she peeks through her son’s bedroom. Her son was lying naked on the bed and was fisting his penis up and down. He had closed his eyes and was moaning mom, mom, and mom. That mother was now sure as to what was on her son’s mind and the thought of her own son desiring her made her horny. She discards her towel and opens the doors of her son’s bedroom and walks towards his bed nakedly. Here, I too was terribly aroused and was massaging my mom’s breasts, which were swollen now. I started tweaking her nipples and in no time they were erect. Slowly bringing my face next to hers I too moaned “Amma”, “Amma”. While my mom was engrossed in her reading I opened her blouse buttons. Even before she realized as to what was happening I had set her boobs free and grabbed them again.

What a feeling! I had almost cum in my shorts with the first touch of my mom’s naked boobs. Crushing her boobs in my hand I asked my mom what she has been reading and she pointed out to me where mother had already moved onto her son’s bed and was asking her on whether he was just daydreaming about his mother or he really wanted her? When son could not answer anything, she grabs him, embraces him and tells him not to worry and she knows what he needed. The story then goes step-by-step and when the mother asks her son to put his prick into her vagina, my mother trembles in my hands and whispers OH, My God. By then I had played with her boobs for a while and was slowly inching my hand towards her navel. Slowly massaging her navel area, I asked her “what?” “Is it possible son? She is asking him to…?” “Asking him what? Amma?” I asked. “Look here, she is asking her son to put it in! Is it possible? Is it real?” I told her, “why not Amma? Why is that not possible?”. “Oh, Oh, mother and a son?” She wailed and I asked to read further to find out whether it was possible.

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In the meantime, I had brought down my right hand till her waist and untied her Sari knot. In the story, mother was showing her cunt to her son and was asking him to mount her and fuck her. Her son moaning loudly comes in between his mother’s thighs. His mother holding her son’s prick in her hands guides him and “lo and behold!” Son enters his mother. By now, I had loosened my mother’s sari and her petticoat and put my hand inside her panties. Soon I encountered her bush and wow! How much hair and I grabbed a handful. Suddenly my mother realized what was happening and placed the book aside and tried to push me away saying”Magazine, beta, beta” (No, no son).

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My Desire for Mother
My Desire for Mother

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