My Desire for Mother Part 3

Some Previous Part line; By now, I had loosened my mother’s sari and her petticoat and put my hand inside her panties. Soon I encountered her bush and wow! How much hair and I grabbed a handful. Suddenly my mother realized what was happening and placed the book aside and tried to push me away saying”Magazine, beta, beta” (No, no son). Now, Continue; But I was not in a mood to listen and I placed my hand on her pussy. She was wet! I slowly started rubbing my middle finger on her cuntlips and my mom moaned, “no son, please stop, It is not correct”. So, what is Reading in the Erotic Sex Story; My Desire for Mother: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

I smooched her left cheek and told her “Amma, I have been dreaming about this for over 20 years and Amma, please do not ask me to stop, please” “But son, how could this be possible, you are my son.” I told her “Amma you have just now read, it is possible.” “It is only a story son, it can’t be real. No, please stop it before itis too late” “No Amma, I can’t leave you now, I need you” and saying so I forcibly opened her cunt lips and inserted my finger into her pussy. She cried saying no. I was about to pull her sari, panty, and petticoats down and was planning to forcibly fuck her come what may! But then I reasoned, it is not correct to force her. She was aroused and I could feel it as her cunt was sopping wet. But somewhere in the corner of her mind, she was not accepting this as possible.

So I decided to pour my heart to her. After listening to my version of my lust for her, if she agrees then only I would go ahead otherwise, I thought I would be content with my fantasy. So I removed my hand from her vagina and turned her face towards me and told her about my dreams, fantasies, desire and my obsession. I told her in the end”Amma, I have been dreaming about you ever since I was just 10 years old and I have desired you more than any other woman in the world”. “For the last 20 years, it was you who inspired me most and Amma, you believe it or not I love you, love you not only as my mother but also you are my lover”.”It was a secret known only to me but you know about it now”. “Amma, I have only one request. please allow me to have you only once.

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If you do not like this then I will never bother you. I will spend the rest of my life thinking about this one chance I got and live happily afterward. PleaseAmma, only once”. She listened to me without uttering a word and was silent even after I finished talking. I persisted “please, Amma, only once. Well, let us do one thing. Please you lye here and let me have you only once. Say nothing. When I finish please forget this episode as a bad dream. Amma please, once. I didn’t know what she was thinking. At last, she spoke, “you want me that much son?” “I do not know how to convince you Amma” I replied. “Oh my son, I don’t know what to do. Is it ok if we do it?” “Well, mother let us look at it this way. We both are adults. We are doing this with mutual consent. Incest has been made as taboo in our society to avoid procreation through incest couplings. What we are going to do is not make babies. It is just to quench out body hunger. Well.

You agree with me that although one can eat anything to put off one’s hunger and live on, someone likes some dishes more and someone else like something else more. Don’t you Amma? In my case, I like to have you more than anybody else to satisfy my body hunger. Is it wrong Amma?’ I asked. She was silent for while and had closed her eyes. I gazed at her naked breasts and prayed for her positive answer. When she opened her eyes, I knew she had made her decision. I was nervous. She looked at me steadily for a few moments and then said, “Come, my son, come to me. I will give myself to you. Enjoy your Amma to your heart’s content but as you said only once. Is that ok son” Oh my god. My prayers were answered. I thanked God silently and said, “ok Amma” Well, it was very hard to explain all the emotions that passed through my mind.

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Although I had dreamed about my mom thousands of times, when I actually got her consent I felt like crying. I think mom sensed that and stretched out her hands to embrace me. Holding my head to her open boobs she sighed “oh my darling son, you thought about Amma for so many years? My poor baby, I will give you whatever you wanted. Go ahead”. Listening to my mom saying that I lifted my face and gave my first real kiss to my dream woman. From then on passion took over and in no time we were naked as jaybirds. At least on this one occasion, there was no need to imagine. I could see all that I wanted to see. I started kissing my mom wherever possible beginning from her lips and slowly traversed downwards. She lay on back and I opened her legs wide and I moved in between them. There I saw for the first time the place of my birth. The most desired part of my mother was there and it was open to me.

What a lovely scene. Her fur-covered vagina was so enticing that I almost blew my wad. Unable to control any more I put my hands on her inner thighs and started rubbing and slowly inched upwards. I could clearly see my mom’s cunt salivating. She was totally wet. Her pussy lips were quivering. As I moved my hands upward, she opened her thighs wide for me and I could clearly see her pink inner parts of her cunt. When I was about to place my hands on her cunt my mother asked by placing both her hands on either side of her cunt and opening her cunt widely for me, “Is this what you wanted most? My son,please look. See everything that you wanted to see. Take your time. But when you are finished feasting your eyes, please mount your Amma. I am ready for you my dear.” I was in no mood to wait any longer. Moaning Amma, Amma, I kneeled between her thighs and bent over her body. Looking straight into her eyes,I asked her. “Amma. Will you please guide me? I want you to show me the way”. Amma smiled, took my steel hard prick into her hand and guided me to the place of my birth.

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I entered my heaven, my paradise slowly, inch by inch. At last I was there, where I wanted to go for the last 20 years. I don’t think I can put into words all that I felt when I first entered my mother. Was it really happening? I had pinched myself to make sure it was real. There I was, lying on top of my Amma, with my dick buried deep into her cunt. I was totally delirious and don’t know how I controlled myself from climaxing there and then. I was still, totally still, for some time in order to regain little control and I think my mom understood my plight and she too was very still. After a while when I was confident that I could hold on, I slowly raised my body slightly above and rested on my elbows.

Taking my mother’s face into my hands and looking straight into her eyes, I said: “Thank you, Amma, thank you so much for letting me have you.” Suddenly her eyes welled up and tears started coming out and she was crying. My god, I was shocked. Didn’t know why she was sobbing and what to do. I thought she was regretting whatever had happened between us and I tried to comfort her by saying “Amma, why are crying? Please don’t. This is the only time and I would never bother you again.” She suddenly put her hands on my back and drew me back to her and hugged me tightly and whispered, “Oh my baby, I am not crying.

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My Desire for Mother
My Desire for Mother

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