My Desire for Mother Part 4

Some Previous Part line; I thought she was regretting whatever had happened between us and I tried to comfort her by saying “Amma, why are crying? Please don’t. This is the only time and I would never bother you again.” She suddenly put her hands on my back and drew me back to her and hugged me tightly and whispered, “Oh my baby, I am not crying. Now, Continue; These were the tears of joy, my son. It is just that I could not control my emotions when you said thank you Amma. Don’t worry; I am happy for what you were to me what you are to me now. So, what is Reading in the Erotic Sex Story; My Desire for Mother: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

Oh! My sweetheart, I love you. Are you happy now son?” she asked. My boy! Was I happy? I told her “Amma, I hope you know how happy I am!” She cooed “I know baby, I know” saying so she drew my face to her face and started kissing and I was totally lost in her love. I sort of lost track of time. The feeling of love combined with the lust for my mother was so overwhelming and I started moaning “Amma, Amma.” Saying “Pudding, Pudding” (her pet name for me!) she embraced me tightly and started moving her waist underneath me. Her cunt muscles started tightening around my shaft and I nearly fainted. “What a sensation?” It was beyond belief. I felt my dick swelled more and her cuntal grip grow more as well. The urge to start pumping in and out of her cunt was so much but I restrained myself and remained still on my mom’s body, silently enjoying the circular movement of her waist underneath me and I was thanking my stars.

When I felt like seeing the place where we came together so intimately, I rose on my knees and looked down. Oh! Boy! What a sight! There was no trace of my prick. It was completely buried inside Amma’s pussy and both our pubic mounds were glued together and all I could see was the thick bush of our pubic hairs, fully wet with Amma’ssecretion, tangled together and shining! What an erotic scene! I was totally mesmerized. When Amma tried to sit up so that she also could see, I helped her by lifting her upper body with my both the hands behind her back and crawled up, with my prick buried completely in her pussy and rested her on her back against my cot’s headboard. Now she could see easily and she was devouring the sight. Her cunt muscles were doing magic on my dick and I could clearly see her pubic mound swelling every time she tried to increase her muscle grip.

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Amma asked “Do you like what you are seeing son? Is this what you dreamt about all these years? Are you happy my boy?” I grunted “yes” and tried to push my dick still farther inside of her. She brought her hand down and started playing with our pubic hair. Unable to keep still, I slowly started pulling my dick out of her cunt. Amma was so tight and as my dick started coming out it dragged Amma’s cunt lips also along with it as if it did not want to let my dick go out! I pulled half of my dick out and paused to drink that sight in. When it became unbearable to hold still I pushed my prick back into my mom’s cunt. The way her cuntlips rolled along with my sliding cock made me moan. I wanted to repeat the process and did the same, slowly pulling the prick out and sliding it in. While dragging my dick out, Amma was trying to hold me back there by tightening her grip on my dick and I was moaning in pleasure.

And when I slid it back into her cunny Amma was cooing happily. What a sight it was! I had seen so many pictures of copulation in my life but what I was seeing happening between me and my mother was unmatched. While devouring the sight I kept on pulling out and pushing in my dick into mom’s cunt. Very soon we established a rhythm which many people say took years to perfect. Such was coordination between my mother and me. While I was drawing out my prick she was raising her waist and was lowering her waist when I was sliding inside of her. Her grip on my dick was so firm that I could feel whatever was happening to my prick inside her pussy. While I was pulling out of her cunt I could feel my slightly up-bent dick head scraping the upper portion of her love tunnel and while sliding in I could feel my shaft rubbing some kind of a tiny button like thing all along my return journey into my birthplace.

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I was thrilled by Amma’s moaning. Her moaning was growing when my prickhead touched a particular spot in cunt while I was sliding out and she was literally panting throughout the time I was pushing my member into her. (I later learned that my dick was titillating her g-spot while coming out and my shaft was caressing her clit while going in). With each passing minute her moaning grew louder and the movement of waist faster. Sensing that mom was exerting herself in raising and lowering her waist to meet my thrusts I grabbed a pillow by the side of the bed and placed it underneath her hips which made her waist movement easy for her. For a moment I took my sight away from the place of our union, I looked at my beautiful mother.Her head and a portion of her back were resting on my cot’s headboard and rest of her upper body up to the waist were flat on the bed and she waitressed on the pillow.

Her pubic mound was raised to be online with my prick’s base. I slowly increased the speed of my pumping and mom started calling my name in between her moans and started gyrating her waist in fast motion. Sensing that she was about to come I pulled my dick out almost up to its knob paused for a second and then pushed into her cunt in one brutal stroke. There was so much force in that stroke that my mother was shocked and screamed loudly but by then I had reached the farthest point in her cunt and my pubic mound was pressing her pressed tightly to her cunt opening. Without letting go of my pressure on her pussy, I slowly bent forward, rested on my arms and took both of her boobs into my hand and massaged them roughly. Then I took one of her nipples into my mouth and started teasing it with my tongue and in the meantime started rotating my hips in a circular motion.

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My dick was also started rubbing the insides of my mother’s cunt from all the sides and she started crying in pleasure and she started responding by gyrating her hips in a direction opposite to mine. I pressed my pubic mound as hard as I could to hers and increased the pace of my grinding. My mother could not tolerate anymore and she shook her entire body violently and shouted my name and she was coming. I could feel her vaginal muscles contracting fiercely around my dick and her juices flowing out. I do not know how I controlled myself then from coming along with her, I did not want to come as I wanted our fuck session to continue for a long, long time so that even if I did not get a second chance with myAmma, this one session would have seen that my long cherished dream was fulfilled at least once.

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My Desire for Mother
My Desire for Mother

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