Travel around Europe and visiting Red-Light District

Last year I gave up my job and decided to travel around Europe for a few months. I didn’t have a plan of where I wanted to go, just some savings and a backpack full of essentials. After leaving home, I made my way through France and explored Germany, and then somehow ended up in Holland. I’d always wanted to visit Amsterdam – a part of me reveled in the idea of a place where drugs and sex were so open, though I’d been raised to think I should feel the opposite. On the night I arrived there, I felt a guilty thrill as I walked through the city’s red light district; window after window of scantily-clad women trying to attract the attention of the men watching lustfully. So, what is the erotic story going to read; Travel around Europe and visiting Red-Light District.

I secretly wondered what it would feel like to be behind the glass myself and feel the eyes of a stranger lingering on my body, imagining what they wanted to do to me. I felt a mixture of pleasure and apprehension at the same time. I had decided I wanted to stay in Amsterdam for a while and explore the city properly. However, I needed to find a job to make sure I had enough money while I was there. I enquired in a few Coffee Shops until I happened upon a place that had a job vacancy. The man behind the counter smirked at me as he looked me up and down, which made me feel slightly uneasy. I knew I wasn’t bad looking. I had long dark hair and hazel eyes and a naturally curvy figure. “Sure, we have a job for you.” he said, his eyes lingering a bit too long on my breasts, “Follow me”. I raised an eyebrow questioningly, but he began walking toward the back of the shop and so I followed.

He opened a door that had a sign saying “Staff Only” and led me down a corridor with several closed doors on either side. He stopped in front of one of them and pressed down the handle, pushing the door open. Inside there was a double bed, a sink and another door leading from the other side of the room. I started to feel panic rising when he gently pushed me into the room and closed the door behind us both. He pushed his body up against me and I could feel him breathing into my ear. “Men will pay a lot of money for an Indian girl,” he whispered, his hands slowly moving their way around my body. I pulled away from him, shocked, and he just stood there smiling at me. “Think about it,” he said, then turned and left the room, locking it behind him before I could do anything. I tried the handle several times and banged on the door, but nobody came to help.

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How could I have been so stupid? I turned and went to the door on the other side of the room. It was unlocked, but what I found was even worse; it was a window looking straight onto the street. Even though the cubicle was empty, the unnatural red light was filling the space and I could see people walking past, some looking in curiously. Exasperated, I walked back into the room and sat on the bed. Sometime later I felt a hand stroking my cheek, waking me; I must have fallen asleep. It was the same man from before. “So, what do you think?” He said, his hand still lingering. He slowly stroked it down my neck until it was resting on my breast. “What makes you think I would sell myself?” I said indignantly, moving quickly back, away from his wandering hands. He quickly grabbed my thigh and his smirk turned into a more menacing expression. “Because I think you have no choice.

If you want to leave here, that is.” I looked at him, weighing up what he said. “Plus, you could make some money in the process. You might even like it.” He grinned again, his hand sliding up my thigh. I moved away from him, but this time didn’t try to escape. The thought of prostituting myself scared me, but I actually could use the money. Plus, it seemed like I didn’t have any other choice. He saw my change in expression and stood up, saying, “Good.”, then picked something up off the end of the bed. “Put this on,” he said, throwing what looked like a rather skimpy bikini at me, “and these,” he added, pointing out some red stilettos. With that, he swiftly left the room and I was left to get changed. I stripped off my clothes and put on the bikini and shoes, then looked at myself in the mirror. I would never normally wear anything like this – I felt so exposed. Not long after, he came back into the room and opened the door to the window. He beckoned me inside and I walked in, aware of how the heels made my hips swing sexily.

He leered at me as he positioned me in front of the window, then made to close the door behind me. “I’m watching.” He said as he pointed up to a camera positioned in the corner of the cubicle. “Don’t try anything stupid.” And with that I was left in front of the glass, completely exposed to anyone who walked past on the street. At first, I was terrified; here I was, almost naked where anybody could see me. But soon I realized the effect I had on the men that gazed at my body and I couldn’t help but feel excited. One man stopped and looked at me for a long time. I could feel his eyes on my breasts, and then as they moved down to the thin piece of material that covered my pussy. I felt a thrill as an I slowly turned around, knowing he was watching me the whole time. With my back to him, I teasingly bent down and this must have been too much for him, as he quickly walked off.

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A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and the man who had been watching me walked in followed by the man who was keeping me here. “Have fun!” he said, and closed the door so my punter and I were alone. I didn’t know if I was ready for this, but I had no choice. “You are such a tease,” he said, slowly walking towards me. I instinctively took a step back and he grabbed hold of my arm, obviously annoyed. “Don’t run away from me, bitch.” he snarled, “I paid a lot of money for you.” He backed me up against the wall and pulled down my bikini top so my breasts were hanging out. I felt completely helpless against him. He took a nipple in his mouth and I felt his teeth against my bare flesh for a second and pain shot through me, but I also felt myself revel at being under his power. He pushed his crotch into mine and I could feel how hard he was as I was positioned between him and the wall, unable to move. He moved me roughly onto the bed and then climbed on top of me and pulled my bikini bottoms down past my knees.

His hand slid up my thigh and I felt his finger brush my clitoris, and then slide inside me. He quickly pulled his finger out and undid his trouser belt, then pushed his dick inside me, hard. I took a sharp breath which made him smile. I think he liked having power over me. He pushed my thighs apart so I was completely open for him and I lay there as he was holding me down, thrusting in and out, using my body to get himself off. He then pulled out suddenly and lifted his dick up to my mouth. It was covered in my own juices and I tried to turn my head away but he held my face and pushed his dick inside. For a second I couldn’t breathe until he pulled out again, but as soon as I took a breath he pushed himself back in. He moaned as I gagged around his penis and I felt him throb in pleasure, as he slowly thrust in and out of my mouth. His dick was so slippery by now he took it out and turned me over so I was lying on my front. He pushed my legs apart and slowly pushed himself into my anus.

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I couldn’t believe he could fit, I’d never done this before and I felt the pain of him pushing inside me, but also felt excited by how this was making him feel. I heard him moaning with pleasure and grunting with every thrust. “I want to come inside your ass, you fucking whore,” he said, as his thrusts got harder and deeper inside me. I couldn’t have stopped him if I’d wanted to. His hands gripped my ass cheeks so hard it hurt, and I could feel the pressure of his orgasm building. Suddenly the thrusting slowed down and I heard him release a moan of ecstasy as he came inside me. When he’d finished, he pulled out and watched as his cum seeped out of me. A few minutes later, he got up, got dressed and left the room without saying anything. I lay there for a few minutes feeling sore and used, but in a strange way satisfied. Not long later, the owner came in and looked at me, lying naked on the bed. “You are free to go now.” he said, “That is if you want to.” He held up my share of the money and I couldn’t believe how much I’d made. It had been so easy… maybe this wasn’t such a bad job after all.

Travel around Europe and visiting Red-Light District
A Woman Waiting in the Bed; Travel around Europe and visiting Red-Light District.

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